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Plotting growth


plotting some growth. here is the code ```{r} #retrieve csv size_data <- read.csv(“~/project-gigas-carryover/lifestage_carryover/data/size/gigas-lengths.csv”) #filtering/grouping i_treatment_data <- size_data[size_data$init.treat == “treatment”, ] i_control_data <- size_data[size_data$init.treat == “control”, ] #getting R to read dates as dates i_treatment_data$dates <- as.Date(i_treatment_data$Date, format= “%m/%d/%Y”) i_control_data$dates <- as.Date(i_control_data$Date, format= “%m/%d/%Y”) size_data$dates <- as.Date(size_data$Date, format= “%m/%d/%Y”) #specifying the... [Read More]
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Project Thinking


Project Thinking Advice from Ariana: Should start doing random extractions instead of just going down the spreadhseet to avoid possible complications (e.g what if bad reagent and now a whole group is unknowable). Might also take notes of the reagents used and their dates. Would love to do a new... [Read More]
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