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Tuesday 5/9


Today’s Summary Finished the RNA extractions form last week by doing the RNA QC. Two samples need to be redone, will do that on thursday. 2.5 hours (2:30-5 pm)
Tags: Oyster

Thursday 5/4 and Tuesday 5/2


Tuesday’s Summary On tuesday we did RNA extractions of 5 samples of the oysters. Grace showed Henry and I the ropes. Was around 3-4 hours. It is a slow process, and we didn’t do the final step. [Read More]

Thursday 4/27


Today’s Summary Tested around 23 threads. Only a few breakages. Overall a very successful and productive day. 3 hours (1-4 pm)

Tuesday 4/25


Today’s Summary Tested around 10 threads. Calling it an hour early because I am debilitatingly tired and I don’t want it to affect the work. A lot of threads breaking today, at first I assumed it was my fault but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I think the... [Read More]

Thursday 4/20


Today’s Summary Tested 22 threads. A lot came off cohesively again. Was a fairly successful session, not to many thread breakages or mishaps. In a week or two the samples will all be tested. At that point we will convene and assess to determine if we should go back to... [Read More]