Project Thinking

Advice from Ariana:

Should start doing random extractions instead of just going down the spreadhseet to avoid possible complications (e.g what if bad reagent and now a whole group is unknowable). Might also take notes of the reagents used and their dates.

Would love to do a new acute Stress, this would look for stress memory. Do I go +13 degrees like last time? Would like to do this in Febuary.


Ran nanodrop with broad range dye. RNA amounts logged into spreadsheet. May need to run a few again with narrow range.

Hatchery yesterday

Ariana and Steven went to the hatchery and cleaned tubes, took size measurements. Images in new github repo

housekeeping / to do

Need to organize things into new github repo. Need to record data on google sheet from Ariana’s notes from the hatchery. More RNA extractions next week.