Sampling and Second Stress Prep

PLanning to go out to the hatchery on Tuesday of next week (Nov 21). Plan for that day which is likely to change on the fly:

  1. Strong acute stress all the oysters. This may look like putting them in a bucket and heating it up to around 32ยบ and mechanically stressing them too.
  2. Sample 1/2 of the adults. 30 triploids from treatment, 30 diploids from treatment, 30 triploids from control, 30 diploids from treatment. Total of 120. 2 Samples each for RNA extractions, and 1 sample each for potential DNA analysis.
  3. The remaining oysters will stay there for months to come. We may revisit them and stress them again to see if they have that memory.

    There are things I need to do to prep for this, like fill 240 snap caps with RNA later and 120 with 70% ethanol. Will hopefully finish this today.

    Thought: I will need to keep an organized timeline of all of this. I have all the dates in my notes. At some point I should make a diagram for the timeline because it is somewhat complex.